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Happy V Day!!

Hello, all of my mom's friends!  This is to say Thank You for all of the support and encouragement you have given me this year about dance and my art.  Have a great day!

Miss M


Roses Are Red . . .

Well, actually, the roses on the card are pink, but that doesn't change the sentiment one iota - Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friends!  May your day be as luscious as a Neuhaus truffle and as happy as the gift of your friendship makes me (which is quite a lot! ::g::). 

Love to you all,

Happy Birthday, Winterwitch!

May you have a truly lovely day!
It's here, it's here!!    The hoggywartyxmas bash is well and truly launched this morning and got off with a genuine bang!  I've hauled out my vintage Versace gown
to join the glittering assemblage in the Great Hall - everyone who is anyone will be there, don't you know - so I expect that every one of you will be joining the party.  To judge by the first offering, this will be one that you won't want to miss!

A Change of Plans is just dazzling.  The narrative voice is acerbic, salty and sly, drawing one in right from the start.  The characterizations of both Severus and Minerva are insightful and sharp-edged and the story of their coming together is by turns sexy, droll and painful.  It's beautifully written, full of delightfully turned literary allusions, and has an ending that just feels so right.  Go read it now!!

P.S.  I know that I am very, VERY behind in both answering comments on my page and commenting on yours.  My only excuse is that the last near month has been hell on wheels, and now that I've got a 4 day weekend coming up, I'll do my utmost to catch up.  I had promised myself that I wouldn't post again until I had, at least, answered the comments on my own pages, but I just couldn't help myself (but then, I've always been bad at resisting temptation).  :-D  So go put on your best bib and tucker and head on over to hoggywartyxmas for the next 2+ weeks - you'll be so glad you did!

The View This Morning

It is currently snowing like fury right now, and I have to drive 180 miles this evening to take Miss M to her dance school's northern branch for Oireachtas camp.  Fun.  :-P

Happy Birthday, Duniazade!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Just another Halloween at the Lab ::g::

It's zeeofbadfaith's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Zee!

Happy Birthday redbeargrl!!

Including hitting defenseless little white balls around with sticks for as long as you like.  ::g::  Have a truly happy birthday, m'dear!

Hugs,   Lark

It's tetleythesecond's Birthday!!

I hope your day has been of heroic proportions (and very happy, too)!


Best Thing in the Paper Today


Stopping at a newsstand on my way home to pick this up and look at/discuss this with Miss M. 

What do you all think of the Post article?

It's TheRealSnape's Birthday!!!!!

And Auntie Muriel is here with a Special Message:

Now is not the time to behave yourself - go out there and paint the town!  

Happiest of Birthdays My Dear TheRealSnape!!

Happy Birthday, Lash LaRue!!!

Have a truly wonderful day, Dearest - you deserve it!!

Love and Hugs,  Lark

It's Shyfoxling's Birthday!


Fic Repost: Promise of Heaven

I wrote this story for the dh2_challenge  set up by magnetic_pole .  The prompt  that spoke to me was 'Where did the dragon go?', and I knew immediately that I wanted to do a crossover with one of my favorite Cornelia Funke stories: Dragon Rider.   It was a very Gryffindor (i.e. impulsive and foolish) thing to do, because it occurred to me as I sped through its writing and the word count began to pile up that a) I was going to be stretching the definition of 'ficlet' beyond its outer limits, b) that I was going to just be sneaking it under the wire and there'd be no time for a beta and c) that this was a crossover that might be so unknown as to drive the readers away, especially when they saw its length.  Sadly, my inner Sibyll was correct about that.  Three people did find their way through it, however, and I'm pleased as punch that *someone* read it. 

And now I am posting it here in hopes that maybe one or two of you might be brave enough to take it on and tell me what you think.  The most you need to know about the Dragon Rider backstory is that moonlight keeps the dragons alive (they turn to stone of they are deprived of it for long periods of time), that human activity flooded the last valley in Scotland where they lived free and so they had to find another place - one that they knew only in legends called The Rim of Heaven, located somewhere in the Himalayas, and that the brownies of Funke's universe are not like elves; they are more like a cross between a squirrel and a cat (based on the illustration), adore mushrooms and are often the companions of dragons.

Promise of HeavenCollapse )

I will confess that I was pretty happy with this story, so I am hoping that those of you willing to brave it will like it too.  It's different from other things I have written in that I have never attempted a crossover fic before, though I have been very tempted with the idea of crossing HP with Garth Nix's Abhorsen Triology.  Can't you see Severus wielding the bells?

Happy Birthday, RichardGloucester!!!


Best wishes for the happiest and healthiest of years, Dicky!

Love, Lark

Blogging The Deathly Hallows: Chapter 5

 It has been hellishly hot here . . . and it's even worse not that much farther south.  My mother said that it was 107℉  (about 42℃) where she is today.  I hope that those of you stuck in places where the Summer heat has gone haywire have a place to go to stay cool.   I am currently sitting in the not terribly comfortable dance studio, tempted to calculate how much the heat index in a small building can be raised by 30 kids dancing the treble reel (yes, I am a geek ::g::).

It's been harder than I had hoped to keep up with this - but since everyone but a few who might interested in this are off at DiaCon Alley for fannish fun, I doubt I've disappointed anyone.  :-D  If any of you are still along for the ride, let's go find out how our heroes fared after the ambush.

Chapter 5: Fallen WarriorCollapse )

I started this on Thursday evening.  It is now Saturday morning.  :-P  I guess this is going to take me a bit longer than I thought!  Thanks for hanging in there.  I know I am in arrears on comments and such, and I'll try to get caught up today.

Blogging The Deathly Hallows: Chapter 4

Greetings from my family reunion!  Most of my kinfolk on my father's side of the family are out playing golf.  I am lounging at the pool with the younger set, trying to stay shaded so that I don't end up frying to a crisp even through my SPF75 sunscreen (yes, I am a redhead and we should come with warning labels).  :-P

Today's Chapter is about Harry's dramatic escape from Little Whinging, so off we go!
Chapter 4: The Seven PottersCollapse )

Blogging The Deathly Hallows: Chapter 3

Off schedule already.  ::facepalm::  Well, I do have a good excuse.  I have been spending the last couple of days brainstorming with a colleague half a continent away on a potential collaboration in which we bring complimentary approaches to a very vexing scientific problem - one all but abandoned by the big labs because it requires a long term investment of resources and personnel that most of the really ambitious people in those labs aren't willing to make.  It has the potential to do very good things for both of our careers (not to mention answering a fundamental question about RNA synthesis),  but it is something of a risk.  And right now I'm a bit short in the personnel department.  But it may just be too important to pass this up.  At the beginning of September, we will both be at the major scientific meeting in our field, and between now and then, we have a lot more ground to explore before we decide to make this official and do some preliminary experiments for proof of principle before we seek (if it's possible to get) grant support.  Oh well, it's exciting to me, anyway.  :-P  Enough with teh science geekery - let's go get our last look at the Dursleys.  :-)

Chapter 3: The Dursleys DepartingCollapse )

Blogging The Deathly Hallows: Chapter 2

I really enjoyed the responses to yesterday's post, and I promise I will respond to them after I get the day's chores done.  But I wanted to get this posted before I have to disappear into staff meeting for hours. ::moans::

Chapter 2: In MemoriumCollapse )



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