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Fic Recs

 My agenda's about a mile long for the next couple of weeks, and so I'm not going to be posting much and will be limiting my online time to just enough time to keep up with you all (I may have to set a bloody timer the way I do with Miss M . . . time just *evaporates* when I'm here :-D ).  

But before I make myself scarce, I've a few fic recs for you.

First, perverse_idyll  has a new *short* fic she wrote for accioslash  (there's a big 'thank you' community in her honor that has started, accio_is_love .  Mostly Snarry and a lot of mpreg since that's her thing, but such a lovely thing to do for a very lovely person).  It. Is . . .  well everything you'd expect from a perverse_idyll  fic:  bittersweet story, gorgeous language, perfect characterization, leaves you unable to get it out of your head so that you are compelled to re-read it several times.  It's called New Life.  Go read it.  Now.  I'll wait.  ::g::    Did it, or did it not leave you with a lump in your throat?  Thought so.  ::unbearably smug Snape-ish smirk:: 

Second, an older story, That Dear Octopus, I stumbled onto because the author wrote a short fic set in that same universe for the lupin_snape  Fantasy Fest.  You may know westernredcedar  as the author of  An Ecstacy of Fumbling , which I rec'd on Know It Alls a while back.  This story may interest even those of you who aren't much for Snupin (yes, perverse_idyll , I'm talking about you ::g::), as it's mostly about Severus's relationship (or lack thereof) with his mother.   ::dangles Eileen fic in front of Pervy::  And also, his relationship with his grandmother Prince, who was a Malfoy who got disowned and is now Minerva McGonagall's lover.  ::gotcha!!!::  Seriously, it's good.  Go read this one, too.  :-)

Most of you all have been keeping up with the minerva_fest  (great job mod-ing, kellychambliss !).  But for those of you who might have missed it (I know I got seriously behind and still have some catching up to do), here's one in particular that you shouldn't miss: Un/Bound.  Set right before the start of DH, it's the story of Minerva and  Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank getting ready to spend one last night together before Wil must go into hiding.  It's lovely, perceptive in its view of both characters as they prepare to meet each other, bittersweet and yet full of anticipatory zing. 

Have fun reading, and I'll be thinking of you while I've got my nose to the grindstone.  ::g::

P.S.  If you are in the U.S., it's election day, and it's an important one, so hie yourself to the polls and VOTE!
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