albalark (albalark) wrote,

Happy, Happy Birthday Cranky__Crocus!!

Yes, it is our darling Kiwibird's natal day, so of course there must be cake!

 photo C360_2012-06-26-09-10-41_zpsodlb6ay7.jpg

But before we dig in, I'd like you to engage in a little observational exercise.  It's one of those things scientists often do without realizing we are doing it (and thus making us tiresome companions to others who'd rather just be getting on with eating the cake, thank you very much).  When one slices a kiwi fruit very thin, and then holds it up to the light, this is what one sees:

 photo a530ddf5-72c2-4823-9c44-7e893a022774_zps1b2gedcr.jpg

That bright, sunny core reminds me very much of our Birthday Girl. *g*

Many happy returns, Kiwi dear!
Tags: beauty, birthday, flist, good news

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