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Well, my fangirl_tour  entry is *FINALLLYYYY* up.  I seriously underestimated how long this was going to take to put together and problems with hardware made it that much harder.  It took all morning and the better part of my afternoon, I had to take my Mac and reboot it into Windows in order to be able to paste my reviews into LJ, Firefox kept crashing and I had to edit my entry 3 effing times in order to get everything right.  I just hope that it actually looks OK, that none of the links are broken and that the transfer from Mac to Windows into LJ didn't  utterly bollux up the excerpts so that they are unrecognizable to the authors. Sigh. My daughter has learned that her mother swears like a stevedore when frustrated.  I think I've probably gone into negative numbers in 'Mother of the Year' points, as I left her to fend for herself for most of the day.  AND . . .  I haven't even gotten to bake therealsnape 's Nutella cake yet!!  ::wails::  I wonder how Nutella would taste stirred into some Jameson's . . . .  Off to the showers to go soak my head.
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