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The Positivity Continues :-)

 I'm back from my little road trip, so Positive October continues until I bore you all to death.  ::evil grin::

October 8th- I left work early, and so got to flee the hornet's nest I inadvertently stirred up to get everything packed up for the feis.  It felt so good, I'm wondering if I shouldn't do it more often (leave work, that is - not cause trouble :-) ).  Traffic wasn't too bad, and since Mr. L came along this time, he did the driving. 

October 9th- The feis went spectacularly well for my girl . . . she was really on and took almost straight 1sts, including the last one she needed (her treble jig) to qualify for the regional championships.  This is where I got to put my 'mothers know all' look on my face and say, "See, practice does pay off!'  Getting smug with an 11 year old never works, though.  "But I got a 3rd on my hornpipe, and I practiced that one the hardest," says she in her 'I told you so' voice.  My pointing out that she placed 9th on that in her last feis only got me a 'hmph'.  My husband, who actually *can* take pictures, got some of her dancing, which I can never manage.  Here's a few, and then I promise I won't bore you all with this again until after Thanksgiving.

            getting reel              

She's doing her slip jig, reel and hornpipe, respectively.

The dress she is wearing is her school dress, which I like, but which is much less elaborate the the solo dresses the girls at this level usually wear.  She outgrew her last solo dress over the summer.  These dresses can cost a lot of money.  New ones, especially those made in Ireland, can cost between $1500 and $3000, depending on how elaborate the design.  Even the used dresses are very expensive.  But, I'm one of the lucky ones - I can sew (thanks, Mom!).  I am working on her new dress now, and have most of the bits figured out.  Minvera would be proud - when we were looking for fabrics, I found a beautiful blue velvet and a crinkled Thai silk silk the color of storm clouds that I thought would be lovely on her, but she insisted on a Thai silk in cranberry red embroidered in gold.  So she'll look a like a Gryffindor princess when this thing is finished!  I'll post a few pictures when it's done, if anyone's interested.  Otherwise I'll keep my promise. :-) 


Oct. 11th, 2010 11:46 am (UTC)
Thank you! :-)

She came off the stage after that hornpipe and said "I did good, but I didn't win." She said this so matter-of-factly, that I automatically went into analytical mode and asked why she thought so. Her answer was that one of her competitors had the judge's eye on her the whole time and she smiled when the girl finished. So she was prepared when the placings were posted. But it was closer than she thought - the winner's score was 85.5 out of 100 possible (everyone starts off at 100, and the judges deduct for faults) and Miss M's score was 84. It's hard to tell what it is the judges are looking for and what they want to see that they don't see in your child's dance (especially when the judge's only comment was 'nice feet'), but that's still a performance to be proud of.

She'll learn to see the beauty of Slytherin green and silver later, I hope and trust - she'd look excellent in that.

Make no mistake - my girl is a Slytherin in Gryffindor clothing. ::g:: She does look beautiful in green, but she's hung up on red right now for some reason. About the only colors I *don't* see her wearing eventually are the yellow and black of Hufflepuff - looks too much like a bumblebee in her opinion!