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The Positivity Continues :-)

 I'm back from my little road trip, so Positive October continues until I bore you all to death.  ::evil grin::

October 8th- I left work early, and so got to flee the hornet's nest I inadvertently stirred up to get everything packed up for the feis.  It felt so good, I'm wondering if I shouldn't do it more often (leave work, that is - not cause trouble :-) ).  Traffic wasn't too bad, and since Mr. L came along this time, he did the driving. 

October 9th- The feis went spectacularly well for my girl . . . she was really on and took almost straight 1sts, including the last one she needed (her treble jig) to qualify for the regional championships.  This is where I got to put my 'mothers know all' look on my face and say, "See, practice does pay off!'  Getting smug with an 11 year old never works, though.  "But I got a 3rd on my hornpipe, and I practiced that one the hardest," says she in her 'I told you so' voice.  My pointing out that she placed 9th on that in her last feis only got me a 'hmph'.  My husband, who actually *can* take pictures, got some of her dancing, which I can never manage.  Here's a few, and then I promise I won't bore you all with this again until after Thanksgiving.

            getting reel              

She's doing her slip jig, reel and hornpipe, respectively.

The dress she is wearing is her school dress, which I like, but which is much less elaborate the the solo dresses the girls at this level usually wear.  She outgrew her last solo dress over the summer.  These dresses can cost a lot of money.  New ones, especially those made in Ireland, can cost between $1500 and $3000, depending on how elaborate the design.  Even the used dresses are very expensive.  But, I'm one of the lucky ones - I can sew (thanks, Mom!).  I am working on her new dress now, and have most of the bits figured out.  Minvera would be proud - when we were looking for fabrics, I found a beautiful blue velvet and a crinkled Thai silk silk the color of storm clouds that I thought would be lovely on her, but she insisted on a Thai silk in cranberry red embroidered in gold.  So she'll look a like a Gryffindor princess when this thing is finished!  I'll post a few pictures when it's done, if anyone's interested.  Otherwise I'll keep my promise. :-) 
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