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Positive October Meme

 I've been watching this on methleigh 's and dickgloucester 's LJs for the last few days, and I hope they won't mind if I join the party (if a little late . . . I'll bring wine ::g::).  I just thought it a lovely idea to try to note the positive things that happen on a daily basis that we sometimes take for granted, or allow to be swamped by the negative which is in constant supply.  So without further ado, my first five positives for October:

October 1st: I drove my daughter to a feis (an Irish dance competition).  Normally several hours behind the wheel is not what I'd consider a fun activity, but the weather was beautiful, and we talked and laughed and sang the whole way to our hotel. The trip flew by. :-)

October 2nd:  I got to watch my darling dance in her Halloween costume (Rag Doll), and damn if she wasn't the cutest thing on the stage (not that I'm prejudiced or anything). ::g::   I took numerous horrible pictures (a photographer, I am *not*), the best one of which is below.  My girl is in the middle.

Samhain Feis with friends

She took home one 1st, for her Traditional Set dance, two 3rds , for her reel and her slip jig and a 5th for her treble jig, so she was pretty happy.  Then, on the way home, we drove by two of the largest pumpkins we'd ever seen (one about the size of a Mini-Cooper!) being towed on on flatbed trailer.  We made up stories about where they were going, what would happen to them when they got there, and how they ended up so big in the first place all the rest of the way home.

October 3rd:  A day spent doing the usual weekend household chores, all crammed into a single day, but I finished in time to make it out to our favorite orchard before they closed.  I bought a gallon of the best apple cider I've ever tasted and a mix of apples which I turned into the obligatory pie that evening.  My dear ones ate it with ice cream, and I ate it with a slice of ultra sharp cheddar melted on top.  Yum!

October 4th:  My ESL class went relatively smoothly, and a quick look at the quizzes I gave only made my head hurt a little. ::g::  The two hours I spent waiting at my daughter's dance class were actually used productively for a change.  My husband actually had dinner most of the way done when I got home!  minerva_fest  began with a truly wonderful piece.  I got to bed before 2 AM!!

October 5th:  My lead post-doc came back from a meeting with the news that her poster had been singled out in the end-of-meeting address as one of the highlights.  The person who gave the recap is an editor at Molecular Cell, so I think we'll send the paper that we're working on there. :-)    I posted the first piece of "art" I've ever drawn for a challenge, over at obviouslysnape  .  Make no mistake, it's a rough sketch on a piece of notebook paper, but it turned out well enough that I felt comfortable sharing it.  Somehow, my mediocre artistic abilities offend my senses less than my mediocre fic writing.  :-P   And . . . it was therealsnape 's birthday, and kellychambliss  wrote a truly marvelous parody of Dickens' A Christmas Carol in her honor.  All in all, a pretty fabulous day!


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Oct. 6th, 2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
Wasn't Kelly's Christmas Carol gift fabulous? I've left a completely over-the-top, comment-limit exceeding review. I just love it to bits.
I'm glad the virtual birthday party (which was, thanks to all of you, so astonishing that it'll be my good thing for every day of October) resulted in such a wonderful tale for all of us to enjoy.

by the way, fab icon. Those colours are one of my favourite autumn things, too.
Oct. 6th, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
Oh it was, indeed! :-) I saw your review and it was absolutely appropriate. Happy Birthday again, dearie ! And it was very generous of Kelly to share your gift from her with the rest of us. As I said in my review, you're a very lucky Birthday Girl!

Thanx re the icon - we're about half way to that brilliant blaze here, and it's supposed to be sunny and warmer over the weekend so I'm hoping to get out and enjoy it at least once!
Oct. 6th, 2010 01:33 pm (UTC)
Your daughter looks very sweet! How old is she?

And I think your sketch really captures a mood of disappointment and shame.
Oct. 6th, 2010 03:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks - she is! :-D Missy M is 11 years old and will be 12 in mid December, so I think she's maybe a little older than your #1.

And I think your sketch really captures a mood of disappointment and shame.

That's sweet of you to say - it was what I was aiming for. One of my major regrets in life is that I never took drawing lessons, so I've never gotten past a sort of cartoony style that never does justice to what I have in my head. Maybe someday! ::g::
Oct. 8th, 2010 12:33 pm (UTC)
Your daughter is a doll in a couple of senses (don't tell me you sing and do high-level science and make costumes, not to mention writing well and knowing a lot about lit? I'm impressed, Renaissance Woman.) She really is cute, your little girl.

And thank you so much for the kind words about the birthday story; it was such fun to write.

What I want now, though, is homemade apple pie. It was my favorite dessert as a child (even beat out ice cream and chocolate). And it's still the tradition I love to come back to.

Have you ever encountered an apple variety called "Macoun" (pronounced "Macowan")? I've only ever seen it in NY and CT, but it's by far my favorite sort. I like my apples really crisp and really tart, and the Macoun is the best I've had in years.
Oct. 9th, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
Renaissance Woman LOL!!

I wouldn't be too impressed if I were you . . . it would have been impossible to have grown up in my family and *not* have been musical. Nor would it have been possible to grow up female in my family without learning to sew.

I was the only girl I knew who *asked* for books for Christmas, and reading was like breathing to me, so I consumed all I could get my hands on (BTW, I loved the Besty-Tacy (and Tibb!) books, too ::g::). My mother punished me by taking my books the way I punish my daughter by taking away the computer! I write well because I don't believe that you can read well and not have it rub off at least a *little* (though if you ever read any of my fics you might re-assess your opinion of my writing abilities XD). And most people think of science as what one does at a lab bench, but my life's work is ultimately the written word. Without it, no one knows what I've done nor can they test it, carry it forward, or expand on it. And writing *well* (at least, scientifically speaking), means my grants are more likely to be funded, because the people who are judging my work's merits will understand better why it is worth pursuing. So, no special talents, really. I know so many brilliant women, that I generally feel pretty ordinary. :-)

And thanks for the compliments on my girl - she's even cuter without the yarn wig! :-D I know from reading past posts that you have a son. How old is he?

That fic? Seriously brilliant. I would never have been clever or witty enough to have come up with something like that, and I admire you ferociously for that ability.

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I've been *so* conditioned to crave apples right now! We have a lot of orchards around here, and you see more and more Macoun because they are resistant to fireblight, a disease that plagues the trees in this area. I do like them in pies, as well as for eating, but I tend to be a more tart-sweet sort. I generally use a mix of apples when I make pie, though. This one had Jonagold, Idared and Braeburn, and it turned out very tasty. Someday, I'd love to see you sitting at my kitchen table eating apple pie!
Oct. 10th, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
I generally feel pretty ordinary.

Well, based on what I've seen of you, I hope you will allow me politely to disagree /g/.

I know from reading past posts that you have a son. How old is he?

He turned 14 in June; he's in his first year of high school now. It's my partner who is his birth mother, but I claim him, too. He's the sort of kid who gives me a lot of hope for the future: he's clever and kind and funny and interested in things, and he's an excellent artist (imo). He goes to a specialized art school in NYC (one of the things I love about NYC is that they have these specialized public schools.) Friends keep warning us that he's going to hit teenage surliness soon, but so far, I haven't seen evidence of it.

My mom could sew buttons on and run a (semi-straight) seam on a sewing machine and raise hems. Otherwise, she was hopeless at sewing (as she freely admitted), and I seem to have the same gene. Buttons and the occasional mend, that's it for me.

I used to get the same book-punishment! And bribes, too: "Go out to play for an hour now and you can stay up an extra half-hour." (My mom was a firm believer in early bedtimes, which I apparently didn't really need. I was about 15 before I realized that most people didn't lie awake for an hour after going to bed. /g/)

One last thing -- I love your idea of mixing apples in pies. You'd think that would seem obvious, but I never thought of it before; I usually just buy a bag of something good for pies and that's that. But I'm going to try your plan. I do hope we can get together some day.
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