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 There's been a small release of stills from the new movie, and a trailer.  I am still of two minds about going to see the film, especially after they eviscerated HBP.  What about you all?  

Also, as I was looking at the website where the stills are, I noticed this little gem of interwebs advertisement:

Harry Potter:

Everyone Wants to
Pay a Low Price. Best
Value for Harry

It's almost poetry, isn't it? :-D



Sep. 25th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, I think you're right on the money -- the Molly/Bella bit is too iconic to be lost, and it fits too well with the overall gender messages of the books/films. Plus, it's got far more cinematic potential than some of the others (not the MM/SS duel, but cinematic or not, it's not as important to the plot/theme as Molly/Bellatrix). In any case, I thought as I read DH that many of the final scenes were written as though JKR had her eye on the screenplay -- highly visual in very filmic ways, like Harry's and Voldy's wands spinning up into the sunshine. I can just see that done in slo-mo.

So yes, I think you're right, sadly -- no Sybill, no Pomona. (Though we could be wrong about Sybill -- I did read that after having refused to be in the final film, Emma Thompson had a change of heart and did come back for a cameo. So maybe we'll have at least one shot of her dropping crystal balls over the staircases.)