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 There's been a small release of stills from the new movie, and a trailer.  I am still of two minds about going to see the film, especially after they eviscerated HBP.  What about you all?  

Also, as I was looking at the website where the stills are, I noticed this little gem of interwebs advertisement:

Harry Potter:

Everyone Wants to
Pay a Low Price. Best
Value for Harry

It's almost poetry, isn't it? :-D



Sep. 25th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
I just keep reminding myself not to expect them to be the books visualized, but to accept them as their own creation.

That's how I got though HBP . . . I kept thinking of it as an amusement park ride based on the books, sort of, but otherwise not related. Sounds weird, but it worked. :-)

I will be pissed as hell if they shunt McGongagall to the sidelines in the second film and let the Battle be run by the men. And we damn well better get a Minerva-Severus duel.

That's one of the most important scenes in the book, which, by the movie logic mentioned above, means that they'll cut it. However, they've been treating these as action movies, so, because it's a duel, we might get lucky and they'll keep it. Betcha we don't get to see Severus fly though. :-( . And it's not just Minnie I'll be pissed if they cut - what about Sybill taking out Fenrir Greyback, Pomona siccing the plants on the Death Eaters and, of course, Molly having her way with Bellatrix? If we get anything other than Molly, I'll be (pleasantly) surprised.
Sep. 25th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, I think you're right on the money -- the Molly/Bella bit is too iconic to be lost, and it fits too well with the overall gender messages of the books/films. Plus, it's got far more cinematic potential than some of the others (not the MM/SS duel, but cinematic or not, it's not as important to the plot/theme as Molly/Bellatrix). In any case, I thought as I read DH that many of the final scenes were written as though JKR had her eye on the screenplay -- highly visual in very filmic ways, like Harry's and Voldy's wands spinning up into the sunshine. I can just see that done in slo-mo.

So yes, I think you're right, sadly -- no Sybill, no Pomona. (Though we could be wrong about Sybill -- I did read that after having refused to be in the final film, Emma Thompson had a change of heart and did come back for a cameo. So maybe we'll have at least one shot of her dropping crystal balls over the staircases.)