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Random Ramblings and a Few More Recs

I am home all day today, waiting for various work to be finished on my house.  The plumber is already an hour and a half late, and the carpenter who is supposed to put some new planking on our barn is due any minute.  I had hoped to not have to have three service vehicles at once jockeying for space with one another in my narrow driveway (the electrician is here and will be for another couple of hours), but I guess I'll just have to trust that they won't run over anything important. :-P

I actually went and pulled the spent bean plants and gathered the last of my tomatoes from the garden this morning while I was waiting for the plumber who hasn't yet showed, and startled a herd of 11 (eleven!!) deer under our apple trees, eating the dropped fruit.  They're starting to get as dense around here as the chipmunks.  I'm wondering if the neighbors would object to my importing a wolfpack to keep the population under control?    ::grins evilly::     Seriously - they really are beginning to have an immense impact on the forest understory here, severely over browsing and endangering many plants and the small animals and birds which depend on them.   Our back woods looks as if the understory had been mowed like parkland.  Our State Fish and Wildlife Service experimented for awhile with birth control, but deemed it too expensive for regular use, and bow hunters are only allowed to come in and cull in the fall.  Unfortunately, it never seems to do much good.  Surely there must be a better way, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.  Whilst pondering ways to get rid of EVIL!Bambi, a large crow came and sat on one of our pasture fence posts and laughed at me.  I never have been very good at plotting and even the local wildlife knows it.  Sigh.

After setting the tomatoes on the kitchen window sill, I went and finished putting a few more recs up on Know It Alls.  I've got three more fantastic fics, all of which are probably familiar to you, but I've made a habit of repeating my recs here, so why stop now?  :-)

To Sever the Lining from a Cloud
by Textualsphinx      
This incredible little gem has been around since 2001, and doubtless most of you have already seen it.  I came across it by complete accident recently, and haven't been able to get it out of my head since.  It reads like something Hans Christian Andersen wrote - not the cleaned up versions where everyone but the villain ends up happy, but as he wrote them, with all of the grotesqueries and beauties and unfairness of life laid bare.  As I was reading it, I kept wishing that there were illustrations (as every good fairy tale should have) to go along with the story and later discovered as I was looking for alternate story URLs, that the author made a lovely 'storybook' of her tale.  So treat yourself by reading the story at the alternate URL if you have Apple Preview or Adobe Reader.  Both the storybook and the story therein are stunning.

And then, two recent fics from the incomparable annietalbot , with whom, I have discovered (thanks to dickgloucester  :-) ), I share a birthday.  

1) Rosemary
This is the requiem Severus deserved from JKR and never got (can you tell that I'm still upset about that?).  I tried to write something of this nature after Deathly Hallows and didn't get anywhere this close to perfection.  Here she says everything which needs to be said, exactly as it should be said.  Reading this requires a full box of tissues.  I'm just sayin'.  And yes, I just may be as bad as Hagrid.  Not that this doesn't deserve every sniffle.  

2) The Charon
So, Annie sees him off of this mortal coil as he merited - where does he go?  She sets him down next to the ferryman, and, in this elegant and lovingly crafted series of drabbles, leads us through his next journey.  It has an original take on Charon I found very poignant and the end was gratifying indeed.

So go have fun and read these if you haven't already.  I need to go call and find out when the bloody hell the plumber is coming, pay the electrician and go dispose of the 'present' my younger cat just left on my kitchen doorstep (eewwww).  Have a lovely first day of Autumn everyone! 
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