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 Spent yesterday doing something I love and haven't done since before I fell ill - I sang, in public!!!, at a Mòd, which is a Gaelic singing competition.  I only took one medal, but I don't mind.  I didn't really go looking to win anyway.  The chemo did a number on my vocal apparatus, and for awhile, I was afraid I'd never sing again as I had before.  But I've been working with a vocal coach and also working on my stamina (singing, believe it or not, is very physical) and I'm pretty pleased with how I did.  I'm not ready to head to Scotland to compete in the Royal National Mòd yet, but I might be, in year or two :-).

Now I need to spend sometime catching up with emails, LJ and fb . . . rumors of internet access at the hotel where I was staying were greatly exaggerated.  It's amazing how a weekend without internet access feels as if I'd been to Mars or something!



Sep. 13th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
Just read this after posting my comment.

Ye gods - what a terrifying diagnosis. I'm glad everything came together to help you beat the leukaemia.

I don't think guilt is a bizarre reaction. We all take on many responsibilities throughout life, some of which we carry gladly, others not, but we have obligations. Most people can't walk away from obligations without a bad conscience, whether they are forced to or it's voluntary. Equally, while we take responsibility for others, it's also perfectly natural to want not to be a burden. Doesn't make sense, but it's normal. *hugs*