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 Spent yesterday doing something I love and haven't done since before I fell ill - I sang, in public!!!, at a Mòd, which is a Gaelic singing competition.  I only took one medal, but I don't mind.  I didn't really go looking to win anyway.  The chemo did a number on my vocal apparatus, and for awhile, I was afraid I'd never sing again as I had before.  But I've been working with a vocal coach and also working on my stamina (singing, believe it or not, is very physical) and I'm pretty pleased with how I did.  I'm not ready to head to Scotland to compete in the Royal National Mòd yet, but I might be, in year or two :-).

Now I need to spend sometime catching up with emails, LJ and fb . . . rumors of internet access at the hotel where I was staying were greatly exaggerated.  It's amazing how a weekend without internet access feels as if I'd been to Mars or something!



Sep. 13th, 2010 10:22 am (UTC)
I sing too, though not in Gaelic and not in competition! Choral stuff - though with the choir possibly imploding and much politicking going on, I am taking a step back. :-(

I didn't realise you'd been ill. Sounds as though it must have been serious. Recovery must make you cherish every good thing you achieve.
Sep. 13th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your lovely kind words! ::hugs you back:: I *do* cherish everything, even some not-so-good things, since I realize that I'm really lucky to be able to be here to experience them :-). The worst of the guilt was watching what my illness did to my daughter. I still catch her watching me sometimes as if she's afraid that if she looks away I'll disappear. Counseling has helped, but I wish that the knowledge that her parents are mortal is something she did not yet have.

A fellow singer - hooray!! What sort of music do you sing? I *am* sorry to hear about the demise of your choir! I was once in one where the director and the principal (male) soloist fought constantly. It was very wearing, so I don't blame you at all for wanting to escape. Singing should be all about joy, even if the song are sad ones. I hope you'll find another musical home soon, if that is your wish, but do keep singing even if you don't. The world isn't so full of beauty yet that we can afford to lose even one voice contributing to it. :-)