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Flotsam and Jetsam

First, a BIG thank you to the sweet and wonderful accioslash  for the smooch . . . it made my day!  And as long as I am on the subject I should pimp her brilliant idea:

Will begin posting on the 15th on any of the snape_potter  websites (LJ, IJ and DW).  The fest focuses on fixing all of those glaring mistakes in the books and films (with a Snarry slant . . . this *is* accioslash 's idea ::g::) and should be a lot of fun . . . there were some pretty funny plot bunnies put forward on the fest post!

And speaking of smooches, I seemed to have missed completely the news that smooches were available to send out.  ::pouts::  If I had known, your inboxes would have been flooded.  ::pouts again::  This will have to do to make up:

I love you all!! 

And in spite of that fact, I am still going to ask a rather large favor of you.  :-)  In response to perverse_idyll 's reckless request, I have set up a page wherein I have archived some of my never before inflicted on exposed to the public scribblings.  They now reside at larking_about .   There are 5 short complete works and 6 fragments.  If you would be so kind as to wander over there and look at them and tell me what you think, I'd appreciate it.  After all, I can't get better at this without constructive criticism, and I value your opinions very highly.   Thank you.  :-)
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