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Up and At 'Em

          I had a very good weekend - the best in months, really.  I think I've finally licked my infection and I'm starting to feel something close to normal . . . well as normal as I can get, anyway.  I have what looks like a crew cut, and friends tell me that I've begun to look like Annie Lennox, except with red hair.  Not sure how I feel about that!
          I went out of town for the first time since my diagnosis.  My daughter is an Irish Dancer and had a competition on Saturday.  It's the first one I'd been able to go to this year, and I was glad that it was this particular feis, since it's pretty small.  She did very well, taking a 1st place trophy in her reel and a 2nd place medal for her treble jig.  Here's a pic of her prizewinning reel:
Darling daughter's prizewinning reel

Wish I could do that!     ::grins proudly::     I was pretty tired at the end, but then I was always exhausted after a feis anyway, so that was pretty normal, too  :-P.

          My (fairly large) family got together on Mother's Day, and it was pretty emotional.  How do you possibly thank the woman who gave you life not just once, but twice?  Her bone marrow saved my life, and there's no number of roses or sentimental cards one could give that would be a proportionate 'thank you' .   Lucky for me, my being around to say "Happy Mother's Day" was enough, though the trip to the spa was welcome, too ;-D.  My husband and daughter, and my brothers and their families made brunch for all the moms in the family and it was pretty amusing to watch them freaking out working in the kitchen - it even turned out edible!

          I went into the lab today to begin excavating the mountain of stuff on my desk and to try to get started in on the backlog of literature I need to get to get caught up with.  I don't get paper journals for anything but Science, Nature and EMBO Journal anymore, but the stack of those was high enough.  I'm glad to be able to once more have the ability to concentrate long enough to read them. 

          I still haven't caught up on my Snupin recs, either, and since my days of leisure are soon going to come to an end  ::breaks out into celebratory jig while daughter rolls eyes::  , I promise that I'll finish them up by this weekend.  Then I'll be able to get to some great new stuff I've wanted to rec, but have felt too guilty about the incomplete Snupins to post.