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 The email just came in:  NSF grant is FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!  4 years of support beginning in October, and I only lost 10% of the budget I requested due to the financial mess that is the US budget.

Gods, this is *such* a load off!  I'm still going to lose my 2nd post-doc (he leaves at the end of this month), but at least I will have the funds to hire a replacement and I won't lose my tech.    ::does happy dance around desk::


Jun. 22nd, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Whew! Do the scores mean anything? In terms of impact on your research plans and project autonomy, that is? I don't really know what I'm talking about here, so forgive me if I'm way off base. But yes indeed, funding first and foremost.

Thanks for asking, sweetie. *hugs back* I'm halfway through a two-week vacation, the first part of which I wasted being depressed. I think I needed to have a mini-breakdown, though. That happens sometimes when the social structures (like the need to work) no longer apply and I can let my defenses down. Happens, I mean, when I've been under pressure and dealing with stress. This week I feel a whole lot bouncier. Things are still deteriorating at an unpredictable pace, family-wise, but I'm in a carpe diem frame of mind and determined to spend time rollicking about in the fields. Or at least on the computer.

I also see you signed up as a Samhain Smut participant! This is excellent! You should definitely write more -- erm, in your copious free time, of course. ;-)
Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:04 am (UTC)
No, the scores don't really mean anything other than 'you made it over the line' - I'm just interested in knowing where in that funded continuum I fell. Similarly, the reviews are important because they'll tell me what the reviewers thought of my proposal - specifically its strengths and weaknesses, which will tell me how I need pitch my annual progress reports. The last set of reviews for this proposal (which didn't get funded) made it pretty clear that the people who reviewed it had no clue about what they were reading. The NSF is funny because, unlike the NIH, its review panels aren't specialists to the nth degree. I doubt that anyone who reviewed it last time was in my field, since they seemed to lack a great deal of knowledge of the literature and the core research. Luckily, my program officer agreed that it wasn't properly reviewed last time and did her best to make certain it went to reviewers more likely to understand it. I think she succeeded. ::g::

I'm glad you're en vacances, but very sorry that you lost the first half of it to feeling bad. ::hugs again:: I hope the last half of your time off is extra happy to make up for it. :-) Take care of yourself, my dear. And if you ever feel the need for an ear to vent at, feel free to call on me. ^.^

I also see you signed up as a Samhain Smut participant! This is excellent! ::buries head in hands:: Yes, lord help me, in a fit of irrational exuberance, I did. The excellence of the idea remains to be seen. :-P As for me, I am hoping only to not embarrass myself. Or put anyone to sleep. ::g::