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Late Night Ramblings Caused by a Surfeit of Painkillers and a Paucity of Sleep

          It's been one of those 'good news/bad news' kind of weeks.  

          Good news?  Got my Hickman out on Monday.
          Bad news?  Guess things weren't quite as sterile as one might have hoped, as the chest wall exit ended up infected. 
          Good news?  I now have enough of an immune system to fight back with.
          Bad news?  It fought back too hard.  High fever, inflammation so severe I hated having anything touching it, and a huge abscess that had to be drained, cleaned and sutured back up resulted.  They had to give me morphine.  The small scar I had expected is now looking as if it's going to be rather large.  No more bikinis for me.  Maybe I can say I got it in a sword fight?
          Good news?  The tests came back negative for MRSA, so the antibiotics should kill the infection.
          Bad news?  More antibiotics are the last thing my battered digestive system needs, and the vicodin I'm on is not quite dulling the pain, so I can't sleep.  Ugh.
          Good news?  This too shall pass, so I need to stop whining.

          Speaking of whining, in a fit of self-pity, I decided to change my icon.  I no longer look like that - will probably not look like that again for a long time- so I figured I'd feel better if I didn't have the reminder every time I opened this journal.  Hence the visual representation of my screen name.  The Skylark is a common bird in the Highlands of Alba (pronounced AL-uh-puh in Scottish Gaelic), where my grandparents were born, and the Lark part is me, both in name and amateur occupation.  It could have been worse, I suppose . . . I could have been named for the other common songbird emblematic of the Scottish wilds.  Maevis sounds too much like a waitress in a teeny diner somewhere in the deep South to me :-) .  ::pulls pencil from behind ear and cracks gum::   

          On a more positive note, I visited a blog I hadn't l looked at in a while and found a post that put a goofy smile on my face all day in spite of this mess: .  It really made me laugh like a loon.  Her latest post is a little too close to the bone to be funny just now, but one day, I swear, I'm going to look back on this and laugh.  

          I'd *meant* this post to be about the recs I just put up on KIA, but I guess that's going to have to wait until tomorrow.  I can't put off trying to sleep any longer.  'Night all.
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