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Fangirl Tour!

 I'm still running about like the proverbial headless chicken (work has been overwhelming and today is my senior post-doc's last day.  ::cries::).  But I wanted to let everyone know that I've posted my slot on the fangirl_tour  and I hope you will head on over to check it out.  I think I did pretty good (except for one glaring error, now corrected   ::winces::).  Most of you will have seen the majority of these, but there might be some new fics and art that you haven't met yet!  

I will finally have some time over the weekend to catch up on all of your posts.  I know I owe quite a few comments and PMs to you all.  Please be patient with me, and I promise I'll be caught up by the time Monday rolls around.  I have missed you all so much, and I'm hoping that if I set aside a hour a day just for LJ, I can stay caught up once I actually get caught up.  

Love to you all,  Lark
Tags: art recs, fandom, fic recs, flist, the hurrier i go the behinder i get
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