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 This is what it looked like outside my window an hour ago:

There's two more inches now.  I think Mother Nature missed the memo about it being Spring now, and that it can BLOODY WELL STOP SNOWING ALREADY!!!!!!

Sigh.  And I have my first mini-exam to grade tonight, so I'm in for a lovely evening.  I hope things are better wherever it is that you are.  :-)


Apr. 1st, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
I can see being through with it. Oh I am waaaay beyond through. I had to go to the local botanical garden to make up for the lack of warmth and the scent of green and growing things. Alas, I only had an hour. I wonder how they'd feel if I moved in for the duration? ::g:: There's still snow on the ground today. :-P Where's that warm, moist air from the Gulf when you need it?