December 24th, 2012


Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve (and a few recs, too)

Yep, too true :-P

This has been the most hectic 2 and a half months I've seen in quite some time and I'm not even teaching. I won't bore you all with the details, but suffice it to say that I've rarely been happier to see the back end of ten weeks in my life. The Christmas season has, sadly, been no exception, but it's Christmas Eve and so my marathon has almost been run and now I can relax for a few days.
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Have a wonderful, very Merry Christmas my dears! This isn't the Hogwarts Express, but I'm sure it will get you there anyway -
Love you all!!

Edit - sorry for the lack of embedded URLs - the visual editor on the posting page is a complete fail and I had to re-post this from the html screen to make it work and I don't know the right command. :-P