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Slowly, slowly

      I am once again reading and putting up recs in Know It Alls.  This is taking me longer than I had hoped, as I have had a few setbacks since I came home.  I had also committed to helping sweep the Snupin Crack Broom site for tales that didn't make it onto KIA because there wasn't someone on the review board from whom this was an OTP.  I have a whole list of reviews that I wrote prior to my hospitalization which I am now dribbling out.  I have committed myself to finishing those by the end of next week, hoping to be able to review and post some newer stuff , both het and slash.  I am keeping my eye on a few fests and communities, looking for the good stuff.  Any suggestions?



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Apr. 14th, 2010 07:50 am (UTC)
On the one hand, I'm extremely impressed that you're preparing to get back in the saddle, as it were, so quickly. (This, from someone whose face is about to hit the keyboard. After I finish this comment, I'm going to bed.) I can't imagine prodding my brain to think useful thoughts after a prolonged bout with noxious chemicals, fear, and hospital fatigue. Or maybe I'm equating illness too easily with exhaustion, and exhaustion with lack of mental activity.

On the other hand, now that you've pointed me toward Know It Alls, I'm looking forward to your recs. I wish the site was more widely known (or maybe I've just been utterly oblivious and shouldn't judge others by my ignorance), mostly because I wish it were possible to get discussions going in the comments. Although these days I'm afraid I'm capable of little more than flapping my hands and crowing, "I love that, too!"
Apr. 16th, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
I can't tell you how much I'm craving "normal" - i.e. the way my life was before I got sick. I know I can't really put the pieces all back together in the way they lay before. Trying to do that is futile and would lead to insanity. But . . . while doing this may seem frivolous or trivial, it is anything but. It helps take my mind from the fretting I'd be inclined to do if left unoccupied, and the best of the stories (including yours, my friend :-) ) help me release some of my deeper fears and feelings in a safe way. It also helps with schooling my brain back to thinking at all. Chemo brain is the pits for someone who lives inside her head. I may sound OK now, but a month ago, it was tough to string two coherent thoughts together.

I like the discussion idea . . . I'll check in with Harmony Bites and see if this is something that might be done. Usually after I read a really good story I'm too overwhelmed to say anything other than 'wow', which isn't of much use to anyone :-P. It takes me awhile to think through a story and come up with something to say about it, which is why rec-ing works well for the likes of me. But I think discussion boards are a great idea. I'll see what Harmony has to say.
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