albalark (albalark) wrote,

Outside Today

 Watery sun and bitterly cold (9 degrees F or about -13 degrees C) temps seem to be bringing out the birds (even this one! ::g::).  Two pictures below the cut.

This Pileated Woodpecker was feasting on frozen crabapples in lieu of bugs - I never knew they ate fruit, but I guess when you're hungry you'll eat things you wouldn't normally, if that's all that's on offer.  I think I'll hand a couple of mealworm suet cakes there for him or her.

This juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk is part of a family which has its territory in our woods.  I think it needs to learn to be a bit more subtle - right on the feeder is not likely a productive spot from which to mount an ambush!
Tags: beauty, life
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