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 I have just scared my cats and my family with my shout of triumph and the dance around the room which is making me resemble my icon (except I'm covering more ground . . . 'Don't give up your day job,' cheeks my daughter).  And what could be the source of all of this jubilation?  SO glad you asked!   The snapelyholidays  has posted their reveals and I GUESSED ONE RIGHT!!!!!!!   Come out of hiding kellychambliss  -  *you* are the recipient of the THtDFMtFOO  ('Thank Heavens the Dunderhead Finally Managed to Figure One Out') Author Trophy!!!   ::busses both cheeks and sends dazed recipient back down to the audience clutching trophy::

I will confess that I, in my initial adoration of Right Nor Wrong, I had a few suspicions that the author might be you, but the complete silence on your part about a fic that I was certain you'd be admiring if it wasn't yours made me nearly certain that you had written it.  Then atdelphi  thought it might be someone she knew but I didn't, which made me second guess.  I figured she'd know better, because I really am horrible at figuring these things out, but it turns out I was right after all!  ::basks in glow of triumph, as it is certain to be short-lived::

Oh, and speaking of Delphi, she now can claim credit for the brilliant The Ballad of Filius Flitwick and Severus Snape. I didn't say much about this earlier as I was given the immense privilege of pretending to Beta it (I say pretending because there was really *nothing* that needed to be done other than praise it when I got the chance to read it).   But now that the reveals are out, I can shed my 'shouldn't comment on fics I've beta-ed' scruples to tell you that it's fabulous - a lovely glimpse of Severus and Filius, both perfectly characterized, at the beginnings of their relationship and their first year together.  Go read it if you haven't - you won't be disappointed.


Jan. 22nd, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)
It wasn't just the lovers and the deafening silence over such a brilliantly written fic - it was the POV. I'm beginning to think you have a voyeur kink. XD That is NOT a criticism, BTW. I *love* how you are able to inhabit so many different characters with such complete authority. Some day I am going to have to come and watch you on stage, because I suspect, based on this ability alone, that you are a tremendous actress.

::raises glass to Mrs. Faye, Petey the Peppy Puppy, Charles Dickens and Uncle Pumblechook, and Mr. Saznak, too:: Thank *you*, Kelly!!
Jan. 24th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
I'm beginning to think you have a voyeur kink.

I do, yes! It shows up in most of the fics I write, HP and Star Trek, too. (I do assure you, though, that it doesn't bleed into RL /g/). But I do think you're right: some sort of mental voyeurism is the essence of writing and acting.

Some day I am going to have to come and watch you on stage

I wish you could! I'm strictly an amateur, with more enthusiasm than talent or technique, but I do love it. There's really no rush quite like it.