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Taking a Deep Breath . . .

 As of 45 minutes ago, my re-written, re-tooled, re-thought (and hopefully re-fundable) NSF grant has gone in over the wire - a full day before deadline.  Now I get to fret and stew for an entire month while I wait to hear.  I'm still working on my NIH version of the proposal.  That's not due until Feb 18 (before I'll hear from the NSF, natch :-/ ) so I have some time to review that EMBO paper that I put off while I was grant writing, take care of those JBC page proofs that have been hanging fire and to go quietly insane because I did something reeeeaaalllly stupid:  I signed up for dysfuncentine . 

Yes, I know - I'm being a whiny baby, but there's a reason for that.  When I decided to sign up, it was after I'd read the prompts and one of them just leapt out at me with a flash of inspiration.  If I'd sat down to write it right that minute, regardless of whether I was actually assigned the prompt, I might have had a neat little story.  But, noooooooooo.  And so the flash of inspiration dissipated, never to return, as I focused my attention on other things.  So, of course when I finally got around to opening my assignment email just a bit ago, that's the prompt I got.  Reading the prompt again did not help.  So now I have to come up with something for two characters I'm not certain I know well enough to write.  Not to mention find an actual plot to put them in.  Merlin on a bicycle - this one just has 'disaster' written all over it.  You may regret telling your flist to laugh at me when I say I can't write, kellychambliss .  After this they may well be laughing, but not for that reason.  ::buries head in hands::  I think I'll go and do something easy now, like proving String Theory or something. :-P


Jan. 22nd, 2011 05:01 pm (UTC)
Now I get to sit with a big ebil grin on my face, anticipating your fic. (I haven't read the other one yet. It's bookmarked! I'm perennially behind on reading.)

Schadenfreude isn't nice, Pervy. :-D Besides, you'd better read the other one before you get all anticipatory - you may decide you'd prefer to skip the new one.

It's a pity, though, because now that you've mentioned it I want to read the story that pounced on you! I find it very suspicious, for evolutionary purposes, that our brains are so jolly quick to mislay things.

Me, too. :-P Got pounced by another one last night, *completely* unrelated to the one I'm supposed to be writing, so I whipped out my new ipod and started to get down as much of it as popped up in my brain before getting frustrated trying to write on a 2" by 4" screen. That worked better, but I've still lost some of what I wanted to get down. Maybe I'll try the voice memo function next time, but I feel like an idiot talking to myself out loud. As for the evolutionary thing, it's that transition from short-term to long-term memory that's the problem. Any sort of distraction kills it, which is why my short term memory suc - oh look! A bird! - ::scratches head:: now what was it I was saying?

the turnaround on this fest is pretty snappy. (Erm…not to add to your creative anxiety or anything.)

Oh, no pressure. None at all. Completely got this under control! Not one word of any consequence written, but I'm completely under control!!! ::wibbles::