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 Well, the month from h-e- double toothpicks is finished at last!  I just got back from the Oireachtas (the regional Irish Dance championships) and now I am frreeeeeeeee!!  (for at least a week or two ::g::)   It's been a very productive time, but I missed you all for the couple of weeks that I simply turned my computer off after I checked my email, so as to avoid temptation.  You can see what took up every spare minute of my time below.  :-)

Behold my Slytherclaw Princess in Gryffindor clothing:

Yes, every stitch was made by me, and yes, I am insane, thank you for asking!  XD  At least I know now why these dresses cost so bloody much. I was sewing on it on Thanksgiving day, dammit, and my fingers are *still* sore.   But - Miss M shone in it.   She took 18th place in the region out of 172 competitors in her age group.  The way these competitions work is that they start out dancing in hard shoes - in Miss M's competition, the treble jig.  After that the top half get recalled to dance again, this time in soft shoes.  All the competitors here danced the reel.  The top 50% of *those* dancers are then called back to dance a 3rd time, and do what's called a traditional set, which is a hard shoe dance in which the competitors all dance exactly the same steps.  The total of the scores from all three dances then determine your ranking.  This was her first year in this type of open competition.  Believe it or not, she was disappointed at not making the top 10, because she wanted to qualify for the Worlds.   But, considering that she never practices outside of class, I think she did amazingly well.  If she actually worked at, she'd be scary good, and I'd need to chuck my scientific career for one in investment banking, so I guess I should be glad she's a bit lazy!  ::g:: 
But now, it's back to what passes for normal in my life.  ;-)   I intend to spend a few days catching up with you all, since I didn't even have time to read your pages whilst in sewing frenzy.  And I'm *definitely* in 'fan fic deficit' right now, so if anyone's got any recs they want to pass along, please send them my way.   I hope that all of my American flisties had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with your families!


Nov. 30th, 2010 02:45 am (UTC)
*iz limp with admiration at the care and talent*

No wonder you've been LJ AWOL; I'd have had to absent myself from felicity for at least a year if I'd had to create something that intricate and lovely.

We've missed you; glad you're back.

Tell Miss M that I think she's stunning, and not just because of the wonderful dress.
Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:18 pm (UTC)
I missed you all, too. There were many moments while I was basteing, sequining or doing something equally mindless that I was so tempted to just go sneak peeks at everyone's pages. But I was under such a stringent deadline I literally had zero time to spare and I know myself well enough to know that if I did I'd end up even more impossibly behind than I was. :-P

Miss M says to tell you 'thank you', but that she thinks her mother is making a career out of embarrassing her. ::g::